May 28, 2017

Wisdom or Foolishness


For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength. (1Corinthians 1:25)

What is wisdom? Is it the ability to make decisions that are beneficial to all parties involved? Or is wisdom the ability to make the other look foolish? Wisdom is a gift from God for the beneficial treatment of all of creation.

Let us look at some examples of God’s foolishness versus examples of human wisdom:

  •  God foolishly created all people to be equal while human wisdom says that certain people are of less value than other people. For example, people of color are treated with disdain and discrimination.
  •  God foolishly believes that peace should exist between nations while human wisdom believes in the use of power and might to control the behavior of others. For example, one nation will flex their military might in order to intimidate another nation into changing their behavior.
  •  God foolishly states that nations should treat the aliens and sojourners in their midst as if they were one of their own people. Human wisdom believes that foreigners should be restricted and in some cases imprisoned out of fear. For example, illegal immigrants are hunted down and deported rather than given paths to citizenship.
  •  God foolishly states that nations should provide for the widows and orphans in their midst while human wisdom says to let these people fend for themselves since only “makers” are of value. “Takers” are just a hindrance to a nations prosperity.
  •  God foolishly states that humans are to care for the “garden” thus insuring that there will always be enough resources for all generations of people, plants, and animals. Human wisdom believes that creation should be exploited for immediate profit without any regard for the consequences for the environment or other peoples now or in the future. For example, the repeal of laws to protect the quality of the air, water, and land that all generations depend upon.

Who is the foolish one now? God’s foolishness is really wisdom when one looks at the acts of humankind.

The question remains: Is God foolish to assume that humankind would act according to God’s wisdom? Let us examine other examples of wisdom and foolishness.

God gives us a multitude of lifeforms while we give the world extinction of species.

God gives us clear blues skies and pristine air while we give the world smog.

God gives us majestic mountains while we give the world open pit and mountaintop mining.

God created all peoples and life forms to live in peace together. We have given the world war and genocide.


In all of these examples we see that God acts in generosity and love. Instead of gratitude we try to exploit what God has so graciously given to all of creation. Everything that God does is done love. God creates and sustains creation with love and unselfishness. Humankind acts out of fear, hatred, and selfishness to exploit and destroy what was given in love and generosity. God so loved the world that He gave His Son so that we might live. Who is foolish now? The evidence speaks for itself. If we obey the one commandment to love one another as Christ so unselfishly loved us, humankind will live in harmony with God’s will. Then we would act in true wisdom. We would live out our lives in love and everything would be as God created the world to be. May we see the wisdom and strength of God’s words and actions. Then we too would be wise. Amen.