October 13, 2017

On Death

Scripture: And he (the Lord of Hosts) will destroy on this mountain the shroud that is cast over all peoples, the sheet that is spread over all nations; he will swallow up death forever. Isaiah 25:7

Death is the ultimate equalizer. No matter how rich or poor we are death will come to us. No matter our social status death will come to us. No matter if we live in a mansion or in a hovel death will come to us. Death is inevitable and inescapable. In the end we will all die. And we will be mourned and tears will flow. There will be some type of meal whether a potluck in someone’s home, in the church, or in a restaurant. Food will be served and, most importantly, stories will be told. Stories that will keep alive memories of the departed one.

But is this the end of the story? Not according to Isaiah and not according to Jesus. God so loved creation that God sent his only Son to die to conquer sin and death. Does this mean that we will not die? Of course not, for death is inevitable. However, death is not the end, but only a temporary separation that will cease when Jesus comes again to establish His Kingdom. Then there will be a feast unlike any other; even better than the one that Isaiah describes. For the food and drink will be
heavenly. Joy and laughter will abound. There will be celestial music all around. And sitting at the head of the table will be Jesus Christ in all His Glory. Death will be conquered once and for all. God will have been faithful to God’s promises once again.

What do we do until Jesus returns? First, we pray for all who have died and will die before that time. We mourn our losses and those of others. We keep alive the memories of our loved ones. And most importantly we spread the good news about Jesus Christ to all who will listen. Amen.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, we give you thanks and praise for your life and death. We pray that we will be as faithful to you as you have been to us. And when that time comes for us to face the inevitable, may we do so with the Resurrection hope of life forever in our minds as we await seeing you face to face. Amen.