June - July 2019 Newsletter

June/July - 2019
The Trumpeter



Grace and Peace,
The Day of Pentecost is June 9, which marks the end of the Easter season and begins the second half of the church year when the liturgical color is green, and for six months our emphasis is on our mission and growth in the Chris!an faith and life. It is the “growing season”. In the first half of the church year we move through the principal festivals of our faith (Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost), and that major cycle concludes on the Day of Pentecost, and the second half of the year begins.
Pentecost is the celebration of the gift, of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of our faith and the church. Besides Reformation Sunday, it is the only Sunday of the year when we use the color red. I encourage you to wear red on that day – June 9. Red is the brightest of all the colors that we use, reserved for a special party. Pentecost is a special celebration, a big party that proclaims that the victory and power of Easter has spilled over into the world and into our lives through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On the Day of Pentecost, Peter proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first !me through the power of God’s Spirit, symbolized by wind and fire, and our faith was born.
The Greek word in the New Testament for spirit is “pneuma”, which also means “wind” or “breath”. Jesus “breathed” the Holy Spirit into the disciples. He breathes the Holy Spirit into us. We receive the Holy Spirit as a gift; it is not found or earned. The Spirit comes to us as a gift, and it makes life new, hopeful and exciting. I like the way Peter Marty said it in an article: “Before Pentecost, the disciples found it challenging to do easy things. A,er, they found it easy to do challenging things. The church grew because they inhaled the Spirit. They found themselves behaving with a generosity that they had not known. In belonging to God, people of many nations discovered that they belonged to each other.”
Or as the Apostle Paul wrote, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control”.
Come, Holy Spirit!
Pastor Rick Engen


Do you like going to the movies? When is the last time you went to a movie? Why not give one of these a try? Yes, we have free popcorn and a good time. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, June 8 at 6pm “In His Steps”

A small group of compassionate Christians attempt to transform an apathetic congregation in this modern-day adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s highly acclaimed novel. When a stranger wanders into First Church in Raymond, Pastor Henry Maxwell is convicted by the homeless man’s harsh words. Embarking on a crusade to walk “In His Steps”, Maxwell challenges his congregation to do nothing for an entire year without first asking, “What would Jesus do?” However, with family strife, church politics, and scorned lovers in their way, can they keep their promise, or will they slip back into their comfortable routines?

Saturday July 6 at 6pm “ In The Name of God”

Years of bouncing from one foster care home to another have left Mason Jones (Patrick Davis) feeling unwanted and unloved. When the 17-year-old moves in with the Lewis family (Pete Freeland & Robyn Lively), they seem just like all of his previous foster parents: middle-aged, one child, and called by God to his change his life. However, unlike the others, the Lewis family is determined to keep Mason around, despite the initial wishes of their son, Nate, who views taking Mason into their home as an attempt to replace their deceased son and brother, Jack. With zero chances left and no other options than being locked up in juvenile detention, Mason starts attending a court mandated support group. There, he finds a surprise ally in the pastor’s daughter, Lacey (Jeannette Grout), and learns important life lessons about humility, respect, and fresh starts.

Congratulations, Graduates! 
Hailey, Wild Rose High School
Morgan, UW-Madison, Doctorate in Physical Therapy 

Thank you to our Sunday School Teachers: Terry, Scott, Janine, Cindy, Andrea, and Debby, for sharing our faith with our students. 

Please sign up to usher and/or host coffee hour. Your help is appreciated.

Kerm’s Corner

In my opinion, the most important thing we have to accomplish in life is a relationship with the God who created all things, including life in all forms. It would seem out of place for a human to have a friendship with a spiritual being of such magnitude. It would be quite unlikely that a farmer, store clerk, or day laborer living in England would have a personal relationship with the King (or Queen) of England. The amazing thing is that the Supreme Being of the entire universe and all life that exists seeks us out in His call “behold I stand at the door and knock and whoever opens that door and lets me enter shall know benefits beyond belief”. Luke 13 Thus, and no where else, can we have lasting peace and joy than by letting go of all pride and opening ourselves to His will, guidance and endless peace (that passes all human understanding . Philippians 4:7) I came to it the hard way. My fear of death before dawn in a war far from home (Korea) came in the midst of a military assault when over the noise of battle I mentally framed the words ”it’s in your hands, Lord” and my life has never been the same since. Let God’s will be your strength, your joy, your peace, your countless blessings. Amen!


News from St. John’s Women of the ELCA April 6, the Oshkosh Conference WELCA Spring Event “Spring Forth in Grace” was held at Immanuel Trinity Lutheran Church in Fond du Lac. The speaker was Rochelle Pennington “A Walk Down Memory Lane.” St. John’s has volunteered to the host 2021 Spring Conference on April 3, 2021.


Thanks to all who purchased, donated ingredients, made the rosettes, packaged orders and delivered rosettes. Total sales were $250.50. This profit was donated to the Arise: Embracing God’s Promised Future campaign for women who are discerning a call to ministry right here in our synod.


The Easter Breakfast was a success and raised $130 for the 2020 Triennial Gathering in Phoenix, Arizona July 16 - July 19. The 2020 Triennial Gathering is open to all women of our congregation. If you are interested in attending, please let Lori or Lynn know as soon as possible. Registration is due by December 31, 2019 in order to get the best price. After that date the cost goes up by $50. We thank the Council for the $745 donation from the Lenten offering. So far we have raised $875 and have more fundraisers planned including the Brat Fry at the annual church rummage sale.


May 11, our Intergenerational High Tea at the Green Fountain Inn and Café was well attended. We had 21 women join us for an afternoon of tea, fruit, mini quiches, and scones.


May 12, Mother’s Day and Bold Women’s Day, we honored Bonnie, our past President and inspiration for our WELCA.

~ Lori

Who’s Foolish Now?
By John Kaplinski

For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength. (1 Corinthians 1:25)

What is wisdom? Is it the ability to make decisions that are beneficial to all parties involved? Or is wisdom the ability to make the other look foolish? Wisdom is a gift from God for the beneficial treatment of all of creation. Let us look at some examples of God’s foolishness versus examples of human wisdom: • God foolishly created all people to be equal while human wisdom says that certain people are of less value than other people. For example, people of color are treated with disdain and discrimination.

• God foolishly believes that peace should exist between nations while human wisdom believes in the use of power and might to control the behavior of others. For example, one nation will flex their military might in order to intimidate another nation into changing their behavior.

• God foolishly states that nations should treat the aliens and sojourners in their midst as if they were one of their own people. Human wisdom believes that foreigners should be restricted and in some cases imprisoned out of fear. For example, illegal immigrants are hunted down and deported rather than given paths to citizenship.

• God foolishly states that nations should provide for the widows and orphans in their midst while human wisdom says to let these people fend for themselves since only “makers” are of value. “Takers” are just a hindrance to a nations prosperity.

• God foolishly states that humans are to care for the “garden” thus insuring that there will always be enough resources for all generations of people, plants, and animals. Human wisdom believes that creation should be exploited for immediate profit without any regard for the consequences for the environment or other peoples now or in the future. For example, the repeal of laws to protect the quality of the air, water, and land that all generations depend upon.

Who is the foolish one now? God’s foolishness is really wisdom when one looks at the acts of humankind. The question remains: Is God foolish to assume that humankind would act according to God’s wisdom? Let us examine other examples of wisdom and foolishness. God gives us a multitude of lifeforms while we give the world extinction of species. God gives us clear blues skies and pristine air while we give the world smog. God gives us majestic mountains while we give the world open pit and mountaintop mining. God created all peoples and life forms to live in peace together. We have given the world war and genocide.

In all of these examples we see that God acts in generosity and love. Instead of gratitude we try to exploit what God has so graciously given to all of creation. Everything that God does is done in love. God creates and sustains creation with love and unselfishness. Humankind acts out of fear, hatred, and selfishness to exploit and destroy what was given in love and generosity. God so loved the world that He gave His Son so that we might live. Who is foolish now? The evidence speaks for itself. If we obey the one commandment to love one another as Christ so unselfishly loved us, humankind will live in harmony with God’s will. Then we would act in true wisdom. We would live out our lives in love and everything would be as God created the world to be. May we see the wisdom and strength of God’s words and actions. Then we too would be wise.


St. John's Lutheran Church, ELCA Council Meeting Minutes March 25, 2019

Present: Steve Sorenson, Paul Szczublewski, Lee Jensen, Mike Myren, Janine Christensen, and Debi Smith,  Excused Absence: Julie Attoe

The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Sorenson at 6:05 pm

Bonnie gave a report on the Annual Meeting at Bethany. The full annual report is posted on the bulletin board. Thank you, Bonnie.

Devotions by Pastor Rick were from Psalms.

There was no Treasurer's report due to Julie's absence.

Secretary's Report: Motion by Paul Szczublewski, seconded by Janine Christensen to approve the Secretary's report. Motion carried.

Pastor's Report: Pastoral acts for last month included one hospital visit and one private service of communion. Pastor is very grateful to those who have shared their faith journey during our Lenten services and to those who have prepared our soup suppers. The midweek services and soup suppers have been well attended. Pastor also mentioned a request from First Lutheran to have Deb Sattler at their service on May 26. This will be Pastor Paul Brinkman's last Sunday as well as the dedication of their steeple. Their service is at 9:30 am. The Council approved this request.

Committee Reports:

Worship Committee: The Committee will be meeting soon with Pastor

Stewardship Committee: The church cleaning went well. Seventeen people participated.

Evangelism Committee: Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 20 at 10:30 am. Thank you to Scott & Lynn.

Property Committee: There was a small leak downstairs. The church received a rebate through Focus on Energy for the new lights. The roof valleys will be reviewed in the spring. 

Old Business: It was decided that a sign with Pastor's home phone number posted outside the church is not necessary at this time. If the need arises, the issue will be revisited.

St. John's Women of the ELCA will organize and set up for the Easter breakfast. There will be a sign-up sheet for food. St. John's Women of the ELCA will receive the free will offering.

New Business: First Lutheran is meeting with Grace Lutheran so there is no need for the Joint Ministry Committee to meet at this time.

We will discuss designations for the Lenten offerings at the next Council meeting.

The next Council meeting will be Monday, April 29, 2019 at 6:05 pm.

The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Debi Smith , Council Secretary


The Annual Church Rummage Sale will soon be here. The dates are Friday, June 14 from 8 - 5 and Saturday, June 15 from 8 -12. Please consider donating your unwanted items as you do your spring cleaning. Use good judgement when choosing items. We cannot accept televisions and computers. If you have a large or questionable item, please ask first. Drop off will begin Sunday after church on June 9. You can also drop off Tuesday - Thursday, June 11-13 from 5—7 pm. Any questions contact Pat or Steve 920-987-5744. Once again there will be a plant sale and brat fry on Friday. Come for lunch and support the cause. Proceeds from the rummage sale will go to the Youth Gathering fund and the brat sales will benefit the St John’s WELCA. Prayerfully consider how you may be able to help these causes.

St. John's Lutheran Church, ELCA Council Meeting Minutes April 29, 2019

Present: Pastor Rick, Steve Sorenson, Paul Szczublewski, Lee Jensen, Mike Myren, Julie Attoe, Janine Christensen, and Debi Smith.

The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Sorenson at 6:05 pm.

Devotions by Pastor Rick.

Treasurer's Report: Motion by Lee Jensen, seconded by Paul Szczublewski to approve the Treasurer's report. Motion carried. It was mentioned that there is money available for campership scholarships.

Secretary's Report: Motion by Janine Christensen, seconded Mike Myren by to approve the Secretary's report. Motion carried.

Pastor's Report: Pastoral acts for last month included one hospital visit and three private visits with Holy Communion. We have completed our Wednesday evening Lenten series and we want to thank those who provided food for our meals and those who shared something of their faith and life stories for those services. Now we are in the Easter season, and Easter Sunday was wonderful, as usual. The Breakfast worked out well, worship attendance was very good, and it was a day of joy and good Easter fellowship. Pastor Paul Brinkman will retire at the end of May and his last service will be May 26.

Committee Reports:

Worship Committee: The Committee will be meeting soon with Pastor.

Stewardship Committee: No report.

Evangelism Committee: 50 children attended the Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you Scott and Lynn. Roadside cleanup will be May 4 at 8:30 am.

Property Committee: No report.

Old Business: Lenten and Easter offering designations were discussed. Motion by Lee Jensen, seconded by Janine Christensen to split the Lenten and Easter offerings 3 ways. St. John's Women of the ELCA Triennial Gathering trip, ELCA World Hunger Appeal, and ELCA Disaster Response will each receive $737. Motion carried.

Easter breakfast had a lower attendance than expected. Clean up worked well. There was discussion as to whether the Easter breakfast and the Lenten soup suppers should be served closer to the time of the worship services.

Directory progress was discussed. This is a big project. Photos were taken after worship April 28 and a few more will be taken May 5 after worship. Graphic Associates will be printing the directories.

Julie Attoe has been pursuing an insurance quote from Church Mutual but not enough claim experience is provided by Partners Mutual to satisfy the Church Mutual's underwriters.

New Business: Scott Beck is working on a date for VBS. This may be a joint session with First Lutheran.

The next Council meeting will be Monday, May 27, 2019 at 6:05 pm.

The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Debi Smith, Council Secretary


Our new church directories are here! Thank you to Julie Attoe for all of your hard work in gathering information and putting it all together and to Myra Dickson and Wally Petersen for your assistance. See Julie to get your copy.


Jane and I will be in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and the Hague) from May 15 - 20. Jane for a nursing conference and me as a tourist. Will try to send pictures of tulips.

Lee and Jane 

Thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns. I’m on the mend and feeling better every day. Doctor said it may go on for six months. I’m going to prove him wrong.

Pat Stewart

Check out the delicious soups in the freezer; give to someone in need or for yourself! Soup selection in May was Ham Cheddar Chowder. Enjoy! Pat Stewart and Pat Sorenson

With God as my guide, I’m on my next journey to: South Haven, MI.  There aren’t words to say what all of you have meant to me and Don, and especially to me after Don died. I’m missing you already. Come and visit and I hope to do the same.


If you have any additions or corrections to birthdates and/or anniversary dates listed in the newsletters or bulletins, please do not hesitate to let me know. If you would rather receive the newsletter electronically as opposed to a paper copy in the mail, give me a shout as well. Debi Smith

Noisy Offerings: June 16 will benefit the Lost Companion Cat Shelter in Saxeville. July 21 will benefit Multiple Sclerosis research

Reminder: The first Sunday of the month is Food Pantry Sunday. Your donations of nonperishable food items will be added to the local food pantry to help those in need of food security.

Thank you, Bonnie, for donating this stained glass window of the loaves and fishes in memory of Don Murbach, a man who loved to fish. Thank you, Paul Smith, for your time and talent in creating the window.
The choir will be taking a short break but a thank you goes out to Deb Sattler for her time, humor, patience and musical talent used in directing the choir. Thank you, Deb!

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