December 2018 - January 2019

Dec 2018/Jan 2019

S A I N T J O H N ’ S L U T H E R A N C H U R C H • S A X E V I L L E , W I The Trumpeter

Grace and Peace,
Happy New Year!

No, I am not a month ahead of myself. I know it is still November, but
December 2 is the First Sunday in Advent, the beginning of the new church year. The church calendar has its own seasons, just like fall, winter, spring and summer organize our lives into 12 months and 24 hour days. The church calendar leads us through the major events of our faith as we move through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost, a deepening spiral in which God continually speaks to us and acts in our lives.

Our church year begins with the season of Advent (entrance or coming) which calls us to live in patient hope for the coming of the kingdom of God into our lives and into our world. Of course, our culture thinks of these four weeks as simply a countdown to Christmas. If Advent is just 28 shopping days until Christmas, we have completely missed the meaning of this very special season that begins our church year.

In the church we need to learn to think a different way about this me
of Advent. For many it is an anxious me filled with the pressure of
shopping and planning and decorating with a schedule of hustle and
bustle and early Christmas pares and can become a very stressful time. In the midst of all of that the quiet and hopeful message of Advent can be lost to us.

I had some friends who were very strict about this. They didn’t put up their Christmas tree or do any decorations for Christmas until Christmas Eve. That has never been our practice. But I was always impressed that Advent was a very important and meaningful season for them, and Christmas had all the more joy with its sudden arriving on December 24. Advent is a penitential season which gives us me for reflection and the meaning and quality of our lives. It is a thoughtful time in which hope for the coming of God is engendered in our hearts.

Pastor Rick Engen


Upcoming Movie Nights

Saturday December 8, 2018 at 4pm “23 Blast”
23 Blast is based on the amazingly true story of Travis Freeman. A typical teenager growing up in a small
town in Kentucky, Travis is a local hero on and off the field. In the fall of 1997, in the prime of his youth, he is
unexpectedly stricken with an infection that destroys his optic nerve. He becomes blind overnight. Under the
influence of parents who love him, a physical therapist who challenges him, a coach who inspires him, and a
best friend who he cannot bear to leave behind, Travis shows us what true bravery is by competing on the
gridiron, helping his team advance to the State playoffs. We follow Travis and Jerry Baker, his closest friend,
from the time they meet on the football field as kids through high school. Jerry's attraction to the dark side of
teenage temptations, beer and drugs, threatens to pull the friends apart. It is only on the football field where
they truly connect.


Saturday January 19, 2019 at 4pm “I Can Only Imagine”
It’s the song that brings ultimate hope to so many ... often in the midst of life’s most challenging moments. Amazingly, the song was written in mere minutes by MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard. In reality, those lyrics took a lifetime to craft. Although he found faith at a young age, life wasn’t easy for Bart. He leaned into an active imagination and his love of music as escapes from a troubled home life. As he grew older, Bart turned to football in hopes of somehow connecting with his abusive father. But a career-ending injury—combined with the vision of a teacher who saw unlimited potential—set Bart on a musical pathway.

Chasing a dream while running from broken relationships with his father and Shannon, his childhood sweetheart, Bart hits the road in an old, decrepit tour bus with his new band MercyMe—named for his grandmother’s favorite expression. With the guidance of a grizzled music-industry insider, the band begins a journey none of them could ever have imagined.

Directed by the Erwin Brothers (October Baby, Moms' Night Out, and Woodlawn), I CAN ONLY IMAGINE stars J. Michael Finley, Madeline Carroll, Trace Adkins, Priscilla Shirer, with Cloris Leachman and Dennis Quaid.
A gripping reminder of the power of forgiveness, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE beautifully illustrates that no one is ever too far from God’s love—or from an eternal home in Heaven. This movie was released to theaters in
March of this year.



If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in memory of someone, in honor of someone, or in the pure joy of the Christmas season, contact Bea Rodencal.



Surviving The Holidays is the theme of a special gathering to bring comfort and hope to all who are experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one. The holidays are a time when the difficult emotions of grief hit even harder, and our time together will offer guidance and encouragement to make it through. “Surviving the Holidays” will be held on Sunday, Dec 2, 2018, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall at
First Lutheran Church, W2314 Prospect St, Poy Sippi featuring some of the nationʹs foremost Christian experts on grief and recovery topics as seen from a biblical perspective. A video will be shown and following that there will be an opportunity for discussion and sharing. It is okay to just watch and listen; no one is required to talk. A “survival guide” booklet will be provided to each participant.
Call 920-787-5151 for more information.


Our Advent Event is Sunday, December 2 After worship we will decorate the Christmas tree, set up the Nativity scenes, pack cookie gift bags for the shut-ins, and have practice for the Christmas program.

Donations of cookies, fresh fruit, jellies, small breads and such are requested to fill the cookie gift bags. When our work is finished we will share a potluck brunch.


Kerm’s Corner
—Behind the Scenes—

It is somewhat regrettable that not all who read this can witness personally what I saw on a Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago. I stopped at church to watch the women who belong to the Knot Sew Perfect Quilters group. In less than three hours I saw five new quilts taken from their assembly line.

They began by stretching a 3- layer quilt top and pinning it to a wood frames. Using short strands of colored yarn they tied all 3 layers together by bringing the needle and yarn up from below and tying a fancy knot in the center of each ten inch square of fabric and that was how five new quilts were ready to hang over the back of our church pews and then to points around the world! But this was the last step.

What happened before? For well over a decade, Shirley and I have been cutting the cloth squares basic to quilt making. Currently we make two sizes, 8.5 inches and 10 inches. Using a template and rotary blade we cut four to six layers at a time. This is step one.
Other members of the group do a ‘lay-out’. Arranging the squares in pattern that delights the eye they sew nine squares together (10” size) to form a row. Then they sew seven rows together to make the basic ‘top’. Step two.
Step three involves cutting a backing and filler the exact size of this top and sewing the edges together in preparation for that final step I witnessed. It was truly a delight to watch! 
This is only one group (of individuals) who makes St. John’s the happy thriving community of believers it is. What a joy to be part of this effort and I’m sure God smiles as He sees all who participate (often behind
the scenes.) This participation is very similar to an act of kindness.
Remember the words Christ spoke “whatever you do in my name you do for me”! There's a lot to that ‘doing’ here at St. John’s.
P.S. The Quilters have numerous boxes of those squares waiting for someone to lay out and sew together. It's challenging, fun and can be done at home in you leisure.


St. John’s ELCA Women

St. John’s is an overwhelmingly giving church in so many ways. So thank you for a great attendance at the Oct 14th General Meeting and a special thanks to Lori Szczublewski for stepping up to be our next President! Other officers will be retained, with all listed in our 2019 Directory.
Besides our usual Christmas gifts as outlined in our Directory, a $25 donation was also approved for our next 3 year theme ARISE:Embracing God’s Promised Future. The 3 year goal is to raise $5000 to help people in the ECSW to discern a call to ministry. More information will be forthcoming in December’s ECSW newsletter and in our 2019 Directory.
December 2, 2018: Christmas gift bags for shut-ins January 19, 2019: Rural Christian Women’s Conference in Wautoma March 6, 2020: World Day of Prayer at St. John’s
Submitted by Bonnie Deke


St. John’s supplied 18 families with Thanksgiving food boxes this year. Thank you, Barb Hansen, for once again spearheading this project so we could do God’s work using our hands. Thrivent action team seed money was used to purchase turkeys, hams and other food items for the boxes. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped pack the boxes.


St. John’s Scholarship applications are available in the Gathering Area.
Scholarships are awarded to students entering their second semester (or beyond) of post-high school education. Application deadline is December 28, 2018. 



Paul and I took a trip to Niagara Falls in September. We stayed on the Canadian side with a view of the Falls from our motel room. The trip home included a stop in Ohio. We met Steve & Pat Sorenson for a comedy theater in Amish country. This was Paul’s first trip to Niagara Falls and my second. The area has changed a lot since 1998. Then this November a short trip to Georgia to see my sister’s new home. The house is on the lake between Georgia and South Carolina. We got a boat ride and spent our time together. 
Lori Szczublewski

I'm going to visit my daughter and her family this Christmas. I miss them a lot. It's been over 2 years since I last saw them. It will be especially great to see my 2 granddaughters. They will be out of school of course so I will have plenty of time to spend with them. A special bonus is they live in Florida. It will be nice to have some warm
weather and maybe even swim in the ocean.

Steve Dybus

FYI, Our granddaughters have eliminated 4 deer from our county roads. Rachel (16) shot 2 does the first 20 minutes of opening day, Autumn (13) shot a 9 pt buck on Sunday, and Ali (11) shot a spike buck on Monday. Proud moments for parents and grandma and grandpa.
Tuesday, November 13, was my last day of work. I will be using banked personal days through December 31. Excited to be starting this season in my life. Thankful that Pat and I can coordinate our jobs to be able to retire together. Believe me it is special to have that happen. We are currently planning to let things fall into place and enjoy it. Happy to have more time to volunteer and give back. We have been truly blessed. Steve & Pat Sorenson

If you're a skier or snowboarder, look for John Attoe on the slopes at Nordic Mountain as a National Ski Patroller. John put in countless hours from June through October studying for the Outdoor Emergency
Course. It was far more than just knowing how to ski. Julie is working on learning Irish Dancing in Amherst. It's fun group dancing, kind of like line dancing and only meets once a month. It's ongoing so you can join anytime if you're interested. We again have begun Curling in Waupaca this winter. It's fun and challenging and our fellow curlers are becoming great friends. It's exciting finding new fun ways to be active.
~ The Attoes

I count my Thanksgiving blessings for all my family at St. John’s over my 10 years in Wisconsin. Your support is such a We went to the Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park in South Dakota in September with my sisters and their husbands. While we were there we took in some other tourist a?racons as well and hiked the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse. It was so foggy at the top we could not see anything beyond his face. Paul even ran into the Sattlers in downtown Custer!

The Smiths


The 3rd Friday Fellowship will be our Annual Christmas Party at the Sorenson’s on Friday, December 21 at 5:30pm. They will serve hot and cold sandwiches along with your potluck dish. They will provide beverages but if you like something special feel free to bring it. We will be playing games which will include a white elephant gift. Please do not buy a new gift. It’s about the fun. RSVP to Pat or Steve by December 18th.


The end of the year means it is time to submit reports for the Annual Meeting as soon as possible. Thanks.


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 6:00 pm 


On Friendship
by John Kaplinski

Scripture: What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear! ELW Hymn number 742

I first met John in May of 1970 when I reported for duty aboard the USS Rowan DD782 as a sonar man 2nd class petty officer. This meeting was the start of a friendship that has lasted until this summer when John passed away and went to the waiting arms of Jesus. In a sense John is still my friend for he was everything that a friend was supposed to be and will always be in my heart with Jesus. We went thru some tough times on our “cruise” to Viet Nam that fall and into the next year. We often referred to those seven months as the cruise from hell. In the fires of that cruise a friendship was forged.

John was everything a friend is supposed to be. He was kind-his wife Mary Ann told me he spoiled her. John “spoiled” everyone. He was always there when you needed him. For the last several years he called me just to check and see if I was okay. John kept in touch with the core group of the “sonar gang” on the ship. He traveled with his motorhome from Alabama to Oregon visiting friends from the Navy. He was also slow to anger and quick to forgive finding ways to see the best in everyone. John was the friend you could say anything to without him taking offense. He was an elder in his small country church and had a sense of his God given mission in life. John is missed by many people all across this country of ours.

As the hymn quoted above says, we have a friend in Jesus. He is always there for us. He is merciful, slow to anger and quick to forgive. We can say anything to him and Jesus will not take offense. He is always watching out for us, and wants the best for us.

Jesus helps us in times of trouble and grief; he celebrates with us when life is kind to us. Jesus is a friend for all of eternity. As this hymn states: “what a friend we have in Jesus”. Amen.

Noisy Offering on December 9 will be donated to the Waushara County
Community Christmas Project. Noisy Offering on January 20 will be
donated to Operation Backpack.


Interested in a Directory Update? 
The Council has discussed a few options. Julie Attoe has agreed to assemble the directory and have it printed. We are looking for a volunteer to handle getting photos from everyone. If you have any
ideas or comments or could help with this endeavor, please contact Julie Attoe.

Our Advent Event is Sunday, December 2
After worship we will decorate the Christmas tree, set up the Nativity scenes, pack cookie gift bags for the shut-ins, and have practice for the Christmas program. Donations of cookies, fresh fruit, jellies, small breads and such are requested to fill the cookie gift bags. When our work is finished we will share a potluck brunch. 


Church Council Meeting November 5, 2018

Present: Steve Sorenson, Lee Jensen, Dave Karbowski, Pastor Rick Engen, Julie Attoe, Janine Christensen, Paul Szczublewski, Karen Karbowski

The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Sorenson at 6:05 P.M. 

Devotions: Pastor Rick read from the book of Psalms.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion made by Janine Christensen, seconded by Dave Karbowski to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report: Correction made to last month’s Secretary’s Report under Worship Committee and should read: Discussion took place regarding Worship Committee budget. The amount spent on the sound system was $982.30. Council President will discuss with council designations of amounts for future. Motion made by Julie Attoe, seconded by Janine Christensen and carried to accept the secretary’s minutes from the September 24, 2018 meeting.

Pastor’s Report: Pastoral acts for this last month include three private services of Holy Communion and two nursing home services in Wild Rose. Karen and Dave Karbowski, along with their therapy dog, Teddy, were honored to attend with Pastor, as Teddy began his ministry of bringing joy and peace to people in nursing homes and in other places. Pastor reports his gratitude to Pastor Jim Holmberg for again bringing the message of the work of Lutheran Social Services this last month. Thanks and congratulations to all the leaders who organized our first mystery/murder dinner event that was a fantastic evening of fun, entertainment, and very good food.

Committee Reports:
Worship Committee: There will be a time set up with organist Deb S. regarding recording service music and doing a trial run during a non-church service time. Stewardship Committee: Lee will contact Debi Smith and inform to put info in bulletin, etc.
Evangelism: The roadside cleanup took place - thanks goes out to the 8 people who participated.
Property: Discussion took place regarding the need for an electrician for the 6 ballasts that are not working in the narthex.
Paul Szczublewski will procure proposal for LED lighting cost and present at next meeting.

Old Business:

Nominating Committee: This committee will get together to make calls for nominations for various council/committee vacancies.

Vanity /Countertop: New vanity and countertop is in place in Pastor’s office. The cabinet was donated by Ed and Shirley Thompson; $481.29 was the amount of the countertop reimbursed to Mike and Bea Rodencal.

Freezer: There is a new chest freezer that was purchased through Thrivent Funds for the Sisters into Soup ministry for frozen soup storage.

Mystery Dinner: The murder mystery dinner fundraiser was a great success, clearing $767.16 for the Sisters into Soup ministry.

Community Dinner Shelving Storage in toy room: Discussion took place and Thrivent funds will be used to finance project. Paul Szczublewski will be spearheading this project.
Kitchen tile backsplash: This will be put on hold until 2019 when Bea Rodencal will bring back to council.
Microphone System: Still having problems with interference. Mike Rodencal and John Attoe continue to work on this.
Discussion took place and Julie will purchase another microphone if necessary before the next council meeting.
Mission Support: There is $1400 available. Discussion took place and is tabled until next meeting.

New Business:

Establishing a Bankcard for Sisters Into Soup: Discussion took place regarding the need for a separate account with a debit card for the Sisters Into Soup ministry. Pat Sorenson was named as custodian and sole debit card holder for this account. The custodian of the account will be required to keep all records for this account. Julie Attoe will be the required second signature on the account as Church Treasurer. Dave Karbowski made the motion to provide Sisters Into Soup with a
separate bank account with a debit card for Pat Sorenson, Karen Karbowski seconded, motion carried.

New Stove: Discussion took place regarding church kitchen stove not heating evenly and not being efficient with all the activities it is used for. Lee Jensen will pursue getting some estimates, confer with Bev Butzlaff, and report more at next meeting.

Snow Removal: Paul Szczublewski will check into this and report next month.

Annual Church Meeting Date/Church Foundation Meeting Date: January 20, 2019 is the date set for the Church Foundation Meeting. January 27, 2019 is the date set for the St. John’s Annual Church Meeting.

December Church Council Meeting Date: Will be on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 6:05pm . The next council meeting date will be Monday, November 26, 2018 at 6:05PM.

Lee Jensen made a motion to adjourn meeting, Dave Karbowski seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Karbowski, Council Secretary
Pending Approval


St. John’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes
November 26, 2018

Present: Steve Sorenson, Lee Jensen, Dave Karbowski, Pastor Rick Engen, Julie Attoe, Janine Christensen, Paul Szczublewski, Karen Karbowski

The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Sorenson at 6:05 P.M

Devotions: Pastor Rick and all council members spoke of things they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion made by Paul S., seconded by Dave Karbow- ski to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report: Correction made to last month’s Secretary’s Report under Stewardship Committee: Lee will contact Debi Smith and inform to put scholarship information in bulletin, etc.

Correction/clarification under Vanity/Countertop: New vanity and countertop is in place in Pastor’s office. The cabinet was donated by Ed and Shirley Thompson; total cost was $739.85; $481.29 was the balance amount of the countertop partially reimbursed by Mike and Bea

Motion made by Lee Jensen, seconded by Janine Christensen and carried to accept the secretary’s minutes as amended above from the November 5, 2018 meeting.

Pastor’s Report: Pastoral acts for this last month include three private visits with Holy Communion. The ecumenical Thanksgiving service at First UCC in Redgranite was well attended, but not by people of St. John’s. Three from St. John’s attended. Pastor thought it was a good service with a wonderful message, being glad of participation in these community services. He reports that he was grateful for the time off he had last week to spend time with his family, celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday. Thanks to Steve for leading worship Sunday. It didn’t work out for the choir from Grace Lutheran in Berlin to bring their cantata to us this year. This Sunday we look forward to the special season of Advent and Christmas, as we start our decoration work and enjoy our potluck dinner.

Committee Reports:
Worship Committee: Julie and Dave will meet with organist Deb S. regarding recording service music and doing a trial run tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27 at 9am.

Stewardship Committee: Lee will make announcement during church service about availability of scholarship applications.

Evangelism: No report.

Property: Discussion took place regarding snow plowing and this will be taken care of by Tim Jenks and Paul Szczublewski. Paul reports he will be meeting with electrician to get estimate on lighting in the narthex. Paul will also be purchasing the shelving for Community Dinner ministry using Thrivent Funds.

Old Business:

Nominating Committee: Paul agreed to make calls for nominations for various council/committee vacancies.

Stove: Lee Jensen presented information; discussion took place. Dave Karbowski made motion to continue to move forward to purchase a new stove for the church kitchen, not to exceed $1000 in cost. Janine Christensen seconded, motion carried.

Microphone System: New mic system is working fine.

Mission Support: Lee Jensen made a motion that Mission Support monies in the amount of $350 each will be designated to each of the following missions: Rawhide Boy’s Ranch, West Holden Lutheran Church, Vision 20/20, and the Saxeville Food Pantry. Karen Karbowski seconded, motion carried.

New Business:
Establishing a new debit account for 2nd Wednesday Meal: Discussion took place regarding the need for a new debit card for Paul Szczublewski who will take over the 2nd Wednesday Meal from Bev Butzlaff. Bev Butzlaff will no longer have a debit card for this account. Paul Szczublewski will be named as custodian and will be a debit card holder for this account. Julie Attoe also has a debit card for this account. There will be no other debit card holders than Paul or Julie. The custodian of this account (Paul) will be required to keep all records. Julie Attoe will be the required second signature on the account as Church Treasurer. Lee Jensen made the motion to provide Paul Szczublewski with a debit card for the 2nd Wednesday Meal account, Karen Karbowski seconded, motion carried.


Setting the 2019 Noisy Offering schedule:
January Mission Backpack 
February St. John’s WELCA 
March Foundations for Living 
April Waushara County Domestic Violence 
May Waushara County Veterans Services 
June The Lost Companion Cat Shelter

July Multiple Sclerosis

August Options for Independent Living

September Alzheimer's Association

October Parkinson's Association

November Waushara County Food Pantry 

December Waushara Community Christmas Project

Budget Discussion: Discussion took place and treasurer will finalize budget for 2019. Support Ministries for 2019 are as follows: Bethany Home $200, Crossways Camping Ministry $200, ELCA Benevolence $3000, Habitat for Humanity $200, Lutheran Campus Ministry – The Gathering Place $200, Oshkosh Conference $100, Lutheran Social Services $600, Support for non-budgeted ministries as needed $1500.

Reports due for Annual Report: Please note that committee reports are due by the next council meeting on January 3, 2019.

The next council meeting date will be Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 6:05PM.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Karbowski, Council Secretary
Pending Approval


First Sunday of every month is Food Pantry Sunday.
Bible Study at Church with Pastor Rick is Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Confirmation class is Wednesdays at 4:15 pm
Everyone is invited to the 2nd Wednesday Meal at 5:00 p.m. - Dec. 12 and Jan. 9
Quilters meet the first two Tuesdays of the every month at 8:30 am


Other Dates to Remember:
Dec 2 Advent Event
Dec 8 Movie Night 4pm
Dec 10 WELCA Bible Study 1:30 pm
Dec 16 Noisy Offering
Dec 21 Christmas Party 5:30 pm
Dec 23 Christmas Program
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight 6pm
Dec 28 Scholarship deadline

Jan 7 WELCA Bible Study 1:30 pm
Jan 19 Movie Night 4 pm
Jan 20 St John’s Foundation Meeting
and Noisy Offering
Jan 27 St. John’s Annual Cong Meeting


Member of the ELCA
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Phone: 920-622-3371
Pastor Rick Engen - 920-566-4014
Worship and Children’s Classes
9:00 am Sunday
Coffee and Fellowship
10:15 am Sunday
To have your name
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