Friday November 9 @ 6pm  Fish Fry and Fellowship @ Oakwood


Movies are free to all and include popcorn and drinks. These are good Christian themed movies for todays times. If you haven’t tried one of these what’s holding you back? Let God speak to you and come see for yourself. Movies are held at St. John’s Lutheran Church W4570 County Rd A Saxeville WI. 


 Saturday November 10 @ 5pm MOVIE “Seven Deadly Word’s”


Inspired by actual events, this Docudrama follows a congregation as they try to overcome the Seven Deadly Words: “We’ve never done it that way before.”

Two student filmmakers come to Egypt Valley Community Church to complete a documentary on a small congregation adapting to a new pastor. What they don’t realize is that they will soon be caught in the middle of a power struggle that will test the faith and push the limits of all parties involved.

Pastor Evan Bennett arrives in Connersville, Indiana and settled into his role as pastor at Egypt Valley. The church is out of funds and out of touch with the community. Evan and others struggle to rebuild relationships, repair the broken down facility, and refill the church bank account.

When a major spending issue threatens the church’s very survival, Evan steps in with a controversial budget proposal. However the Haman Family is none too pleased. Evan’s cuts threaten their control and their traditional ministry. What starts out as a debate over “faith giving” turns into a holy war, with Evan as the target.

This tale of faith, betrayal, victory, and survival will delight you, shock you, and leave you knowing that the price of hope is eternal vigilance in the face of the SEVEN DEADLY WORDS.

Due to a few serious moments, including kids almost being hit by a car, a man attempting to shoot the pastor and tension between church members, we are recommending the film for ages twelve plus. But this well done production makes a great point that change doesn’t come without a price. We happily award our Dove Seal to “Seven Deadly Words.”


Sunday November 18 - Packing Thanksgiving boxes after service. Please come and help.


Wednesday November 21 @ 6:30 - Thanksgiving Eve Ecumenical Service at First Congregational Church in Redgranite

  • 2nd Wednesday Meal - 5:00  at Church every month