These guidelines are not recommendations, they are requirements for attending services at St. Johns at this time.

  • If you are ill, have pre-existing conditions, or are uncomfortable with these guidelines, for the safety of yourself and others, please do not come to church.
  • Only the WEST door will be unlocked for entry and exit. It will open at 8:30 a.m.
  • Face masks are required and if you need one, we will provide one for you. Please bring your own if you have one, and put it on before entering the building. If you would like a washable face mask there are some available for you to keep.
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering. It will be provided or you can bring your own.
  • Please wait at the door. You will be signed in upon entering. Please keep safe distancing.
  • Seating will be by an usher only as you come in, from front to back. Persons from the same household may sit together. Dismissal will be by ushers only and will be dismissed out the front of the worship area. Please remain seated until the usher dismisses you.
  • There will be no bulletins.
  • There will be no singing.
  • There will be no passing of the peace.
  • There will be no coffee hour.
  • There will be no passing of the plates. Collection plates will be in the back and the front of the church. Please do not leave your seat.
  • There will be no hymnals, papers, or pencils in the pews.
  • This is how we will celebrate Holy Communion. We will receive communion where we sit (we will not come to the altar) in "one kind" (bread, no wine). We ask you to bring a cracker for communion, in a baggie or wrapped, if you want to receive communion. After the Words of Institution and the Lord's Prayer, when you hear the words, “The body of Christ given for you", we will commune as we eat the "bread" together.
  • When released by the ushers, please exit promptly. There will be no socializing in the church. If you must visit, please do it outside by the cars with safe distancing.
  • The water fountain will be unavailable.
  • It is recommended you refrain from using the bathrooms. If you must, there will be disinfecting wipes available for you to clean up for the next person.
  • We potentially have seating for 48 people. It will depend on the number of singles, couples, and families. You will not be able to choose your seat. We will not be able to accommodate others when the safe distance seating is full.
  • Ushers will be screened with questions and their temperatures checked.

This is what we will need to do to begin our safe opening. We ask for continued patience as we work through what will look different than what we are used to. It is important for you to read these guidelines and know that they will be enforced. We know this sounds extreme to some of you, but your health and safety is our first concern. Churches need to be setting examples in the community.