February 23, 2020

February 23, 2020


Order of Worship

Transfiguration of Our Lord

Today’s festival is a bridge between the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany cycle that comes to a close today and the Lent-Easter cycle that begins in several days. On a high mountain Jesus is revealed as God’s beloved Son, echoing the words at his baptism. This vision of glory sustains us as Jesus faces his impending death in Jerusalem. We turn this week to Ash Wednesday and our yearly baptismal journey from Lent to Easter. Some churches put aside the alleluia at the conclusion of today’s liturgy. This word of joy will be omitted during the penitential season of Lent and will be sung again at Easter.


At the ringing of the bells, please observe a moment of silence


Welcome and Reminders


Thanksgiving for Baptism

Blessed be the holy Trinity, ☩ one God, the eternal voice from heaven, the anointed and beloved one, the Spirit moving over the waters.Amen.


As we approach the mystery of God, let us come in confession, trusting the love of Christ crucified and risen.

Silence is kept for reflection.

God who searches us and knows us, you have shown us what is good, but we have looked to other lights to find our way. We have not been just in our dealings with others. We have chosen revenge over mercy. We have promoted ourselves instead of walking humbly with you. With what shall we come before you? Forgive us our sin, and show us your salvation in the face of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


Beloved of God, you have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit that is from God, poured out for you in the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Receive the promise of baptism: You are God’s child; ☩ your sins are forgiven. Rejoice and be glad, for yours is the reign of heaven. Amen.


Hymn Sing



The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. And also with you.


Hymn of Praise p.187


Prayer of the Day

O God, in the transfiguration of your Son you confirmed the mysteries of the faith by the witness of Moses and Elijah, and in the voice from the bright cloud declaring Jesus your beloved Son, you foreshadowed our adoption as your children. Make us heirs with Christ of your glory, and bring us to enjoy its fullness, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


First Reading – Exodus 24:12-18

At Mount Sinai, Moses experienced the presence of God for forty days and forty nights. The “glory of the Lord” settled on the mountain, and on the seventh day God called out to Moses. On the mountain God gave Moses the stone tablets inscribed with the ten commandments.


12The Lord said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain, and wait there; and I will give you the tablets of stone, with the law and the commandment, which I have written for their instruction.” 13So Moses set out with his assistant Joshua, and Moses went up into the mountain of God. 14To the elders he had said, “Wait here for us, until we come to you again; for Aaron and Hur are with you; whoever has a dispute may go to them.”
15Then Moses went up on the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain. 16The glory of the Lord settled on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it for six days; on the seventh day he called to Moses out of the cloud. 17Now the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a devouring fire on the top of the mountain in the sight of the people of Israel. 18Moses entered the cloud, and went up on the mountain. Moses was on the mountain for forty days and forty nights.


The word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.


Psalm 2

1Why are the nations in an uproar?
Why do the peoples mutter empty threats?
2Why do the kings of the earth rise up in revolt, and the princes plot together,
against the Lord and against the Lord‘s anointed?
3“Let us break their yoke,” they say;
“let us cast off their bonds from us.”
4God whose throne is in heaven is laughing;
the Lord holds them in derision. 
5Then in wrath God speaks to them,
and in rage fills them with terror.
6“As for me, I have anointed my king
upon Zion, my holy mountain.”
7Let me announce the decree of the Lord,
who said to me, “You are my son; this day have I begotten you.
8Ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance
and the ends of the earth for your possession. 
9You shall crush them with an iron rod
and shatter them like a piece of pottery.”
10And now, you kings, be wise;
be warned, you rulers of the earth.
11Submit to the Lord with fear,
and with trembling bow in worship;
12lest the Lord be angry, and you perish in a sudden blaze of wrath.
Happy are all who take refuge in God! 


Psalm Prayer


Second Reading – 2 Peter 1:16-21

At the transfiguration, God’s voice was heard, declaring Jesus to be the beloved Son. By the activity of the Holy Spirit, God’s voice continues to be heard through the word of scripture.


16For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we had been eyewitnesses of his majesty. 17For he received honor and glory from God the Father when that voice was conveyed to him by the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, my Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” 18We ourselves heard this voice come from heaven, while we were with him on the holy mountain.
19So we have the prophetic message more fully confirmed. You will do well to be attentive to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. 20First of all you must understand this, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, 21because no prophecy ever came by human will, but men and women moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.


The word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.


Gospel Acclamation p.188


Gospel –Matthew 17:1-9

Shortly before he enters Jerusalem, where he will be crucified, Jesus is revealed to Peter, James, and John in a mountaintop experience of divine glory called the transfiguration.


Response after the Gospel is announced: Glory to you, O Lord.


1Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up a high mountain, by themselves. 2And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white. 3Suddenly there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him. 4Then Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here; if you wish, I will make three dwellings here, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” 5While he was still speaking, suddenly a bright cloud overshadowed them, and from the cloud a voice said, “This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him!” 6When the disciples heard this, they fell to the ground and were overcome by fear. 7But Jesus came and touched them, saying, “Get up and do not be afraid.” 8And when they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus himself alone.
9As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus ordered them, “Tell no one about the vision until after the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.”


Response after the conclusion of the Gospel: Praise to you, O Christ.




Song of the Day – Beautiful Savior, ELW 838


Apostles' Creed p. 105


Prayers of Intercession - Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying, ELW 752

Lord, listen to your children praying, Lord send your Spirit in this place;

Lord, listen to your children praying, send us love, send us pow’r, send us


Each petition concludes with, “Lord in your mercy,”

The congregation responds, Hear our prayer


The Meal

Peace - The peace of Christ be with you always. And also with you.

Offering and Prayer

God of wonder, you formed us in our mother’s womb, and from mother earth you bring forth this bread and wine. We place them on your table, together with our lives and all that you have made. Open the heavens to us and pour out your Spirit. We wait for your mercy; we long for your peace; we hunger and thirst for Jesus Christ, our banquet of life. Amen

The Great Thanksgiving - page 206

Holy, Holy, Holy – page 207

Words of Institution

The Lord’s Prayer – page 208

The Lamb of God – page 208

Distribution Song – I Received the Living God, ELW 477



Prayer after Communion

Faithful God, you have kept your promise to us in this meal, nourishing us with the gift of salvation. Now send your servants forth in peace, that we may testify to your goodness and share the hope that is ours in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.




Sending Song – Arise, Your Light Has Come!, ELW 314


Dismissal: We are set free by God’s gift in Christ to share our faith and serve others.


Thanksgivings: This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.

News and Events:

Thank you, Steve, for leading us in worship today. Pastor Rick is enjoying some time with family.


Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday. Our worship service will be at 6:00 pm and will include the imposition of ashes and Holy Communion. Beginning March 4, Lenten services will be held every Wednesday at 6:00 pm using the Holden Evening Prayer Service preceded by a soup and sandwich supper at 5:00 pm.


Council meets tomorrow at 2:00 pm.


Next Sunday will be the Noisy Offering for Foundations for Living. This organization is based in Waupaca and their mission is to assist members of the community in crisis onto the path of self sufficiency through education, emotional support, advocacy and emergency services. Workshop information is posted on the bulletin board.


Beginning March 1 and continuing throughout Lent, we will be tying fleece blankets to be donated to Central Wisconsin Treehouse or a local nursing home.


On Sunday, March 1, Bridgette Henschel will be here for a short presentation about Central Wisconsin Treehouse. It will follow church service during our coffee hour. Please plan to stay and learn about this great opportunity to help local youth feel lovable, capable, and worthwhile.


March 6 is World Day of Prayer. An ecumenical prayer service will be held at the United Methodist Church in Poy Sippi at 1:00 pm. An invitation is posted on the bulletin board.


National Census Day is April 1, 2020, at which time all homes should have been invited to complete the census. The ELCA is an official partner of the 2020 Census as we work toward a just world where all are fed and further our commitment to greater justice in public policy and the electoral process. More than $675 billion in federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities is based on census data. An accurate count determines electoral maps and ensures that resources more justly go where they are needed most, including to vital programs that combat poverty and hunger and support people  in need.


Crossways Camps is developing young leaders with a two week Leader-In-Training (L.I.T) summer program offered for High Schoolers currently in grades 10-12. Visit CrosswaysCamps.org/youth-camps for additional registration information. Contact Debi Smith if you are interested in attending one of the camp sessions.




Thank you for serving today: Ushers: Mike and Dorothy

Reader: Tammy

Communion Servers: Scott and Lynn

Coffee Hour: John and Julie


Readings for next week: Genesis 2:15-17,3:1-7; Romans 5:12-19;

Matthew 4:1-11


Calendar This Week:

Monday, Feb 24                    2:00 pm – Council

Wednesday, Feb 26              9:15 am & after Ash Wed service –                                                                 Choir practice

                                               10:00 am – Bible Study with Pastor Rick

                                                 6:00 pm – Ash Wednesday Worship

Sunday, March 1                   9:00 am – Worship with Noisy Offering


                          St. John’s Lutheran Church, ELCA

(920) 622-3371    saintjohns@centurytel.net   stjohnssaxeville.org

Pastor Rick Engen (414) 403-1497 cell, (920) 566-4014 home, rtengen@aol.com

 Debi Smith, Secretary (920) 622-3358


Welcome to those visiting today. Please fill out the yellow visitor card in the pew rack in front of you. May the Holy Spirit who has gathered us together for worship today be with you.

In Holy Communion we believe we receive the body and blood of Christ for forgiveness, renewal and strength in our faith and life. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table. Gluten-free wafers are available. Take one from the center cup of the bread tray.

On the first Sundays of the month, the sacrament is served at the altar. Come forward, kneel or stand at the rail. You will be served the bread. The wine is served in individual glasses. The lighter colored glasses in the center of the tray are juice.

Other Sundays we serve the sacrament by intinction in procession. Come forward, receive the bread and dip it in one of the chalices (the gold chalice has wine in it, the silver chalice has juice). Gluten-free wafers are in the cup in the center.

People with special needs should make these known to the ushers or to the servers as they are being served. Children who have not made their First Communion and those who do not wish to commune are invited to come forward for a blessing.

Arm chairs in the sanctuary are available for people with special circumstances. Two portable lift cushions are available to help those who need assistance getting up from a sitting position. Contact an usher for assistance.


You are encouraged to contact Pastor Rick anytime

at 920-566-4014 or 414-403-1497